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Gelato Italia Artisan Gelato aims to bring the taste of authentic homemade Italian gelato to Vietnam by creating the perfect fusion of imported Italian ingredients and the exotic flavors produced with a combination of high quality local ingredients, bringing together the fuller and creamier texture of Italian gelato and the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia. Made from the latest machines which are designed and built in Italy, our gelato complies with international safety and hygiene standards and has the perfect texture that will make you crave for more. The Philosophy Gelato Italia believes in giving the denizens of Hanoi a taste of authentic gelato with the superior quality of our products and the warmth exuded by our staff. Natural. Fresh ingredients are used in making our gelato. We do not add preservatives, artificial flavors and coloring to our products. Warm. Feel the warmth of Italian hospitality each time you come for a gelato. Our products will always come with a free smile. Superior. Our superior standards will give you the best gelato in Hanoi. Experience. We offer you nothing short of the creamiest and richest gelato experience that you’ve ever had. GELATO IS NOT ICE CREAM! It’s cold. It’s creamy. It comes in a variety of flavors. But, it is nothing like ice cream. Gelato is denser. Air is mixed with ice cream in order to double its quantity. Gelato, on the other hand, has a richer and creamier taste because a lot less air is added to it. Gelato has less fat. It contains around 50% less butterfat than ice cream, making it a healthier alternative. Gelato is made with natural ingredients. Artificial flavors are never used in the production of gelato. Only fresh ingredients are used. Brief History of Gelato The origin of gelato can be traced back to ancient Rome more than 2000 years ago when they served a more primitive version made of finely grated ice with fruits and honey. Since there were no freezers during those times, slaves were asked to gather ice from the mountains, creating a luxurious dessert fit for royalty. At the end of the 9th century, when the island of Sicily, a famous island in the south of Italy, was under Arab domain, the Arabs prepared a mixture of fruit juices, honey and snow that they collected from Etna and called it ‘Sherbet’. Nowadays, this is called Sorbetto, a gelato made without milk or cream During the Renaissance period, renowned Italian chefs who cooked for royalty and the upper classes prepared a more sophisticated version of gelato by putting sweetened cream into tubs that were submerged into salted ice where the mixture would freeze. In the mid 1600's, a young Sicilian man named ProcopioColtelli,perfected the process of creating gelato. He combined fresh fruit, sugar and a bit of water in a round metal pot, which he submerged in salted ice. He then gradually improved the texture of the gelato by removing ice crystals with a wooden spatula. This process is called “mantecazione” which is still used today. Of course, machines are now used to freeze the mixture. In the first half of the 1800's, the decrease in the prices of goods and increase in people’s income made gelato affordable to the public. As a result, many gifted Italian artisans were able to open gelato-shops all over Europe.